Grain Pricing 20/02/2024 updated @ 1:45pm


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Please contact Campbell on 0419 889 757 for all pricing enquiries.

Commodity:Grade:23/24 Harvest YearPrice:Buyer:
BarleyBAR1$275Riordan - Pay 15D EOW
BarleyBAR2$POARiordan - Pay 15D EOW
BarleyBAR2$POAMelaluka - Pay 30D EOW
BarleyBAR3$POAIrwin - Pay 14D EOW
WheatSFW/R$poaLouis Dreyfus - Pay 15D EOW
WheatSFW$290Riordan - Pay 15D EOW
WheatSFW/R$POAIrwin - Pay 14D EOW
WheatSFW$POAMelaluka - Pay 14D EOW
WheatASW$POARiordan - Pay 15D EOW
WheatAPW1$POARiordan - Pay 15D EOW
CanolaGM$585Riordan - Pay 15D EOW
Faba Beans1s$510AgriOz del Dec
Faba Beans2s$495
AgriOz del Dec
Faba Beans3s$470
AgriOz del Dec
Faba Beans1sdelivered Stoneleigh$510AgriOz del Dec
Faba Beans1sdelivered Portland - April 24 - Buyers Call$572AgriOz del Portland
April 24
Faba Beans 2s$TBALouis Dreyfus 7D EOW
Faba Beans3s$TBALouis Dreyfus 7D EOW
Faba Beans1s, 2s & 3s$POAIrwin - Pay 14D EOW
Faba Beans - del Stoneleigh1s, 2s & 3s$POAIrwin - Pay 14D EOW
OatsFeed$POAIrwin - Pay 14D EOW